As the weather here in Banff continues to refuse to pick a side between winter and
spring, we here at the Elk and Oarsman have our eyes fixed on summer.

With summer on the horizon, we are preparing for an action-packed sporting calendar .
With the NHL and NBA playoffs firmly underway we have you covered with every game
shown until both respective seasons reach their pinnacle.

If soccer is your game, we have; the end of the EPL season, Champions League and
Europa League final stages and will be covering the European Championships through
the summer.

Every goal and bucket will be captured on our 23 screens across the venue, for you to
enjoy. And even if it’s something a little more obscure, please come and ask and we’ll
do what we can to find your event.

Ever tried a shaft? Come and sample Banff’s best.

We have a selection of delicious drinks for you to enjoy. Ranging from local beers and
spirits, through to house creation cocktails and mocktails – depending on your mood.

Hangry? Burgers, pizza flatbreads and the best wings in town, all the way through to
salads and a rather naughty cookie skillet dessert. We have something for you to refuel
and recharge after a wild night or summit climb.

Our rooftop patio boasts panoramic views of the nearby mountains, such is the beauty
of our spot in the heart of the Rockies – a must visit spot, you won’t be disappointed.

So come and say hi, be good to see you.